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Wide Moire – MOI001

Wide Moire – MOI001

per mt/yd

Textile jacquard wallcovering with a random moire.

Dive into sophistication with our Moiré Wallcoverings. With their expansive appearance and captivating allover effect, each piece is a testament to refined luxury. Elevate your space with Italian craftsmanship and timeless allure.

Composition: 70%LI 30%PL

Width: 138 cm – 54.33”

Repeat: 0 cm – 0″

Fire retardant | Stain repellent

N. of mt/yd:


Moiré fabric is made in a fascinating way. The fabric is folded in half lengthwise with the face side inward, and with the two selvedges running together side by side. Ribbed rollers are used to produce moiré, and the ribs create the watermark effect. The rollers polish the surface and make the fabric smoother and more lustrous. High temperatures and pressure are used as well, and the fabric is often damped before being run through the rollers. The end result is a peculiar lustre resulting from the divergent reflection of the light rays on the material, a divergence brought about by compressing and flattening the warp and filling threads in places, thereby forming a surface which reflects light differently. The weft threads also are moved slightly. Moiré textiles were used for women dresses, capes, and trimmings, and have had many applications over the years. This wallcovering interpretation differs from others thanks to the established look provided by the linen fibre and the large unpredictable all-over pattern.