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Francesca Bassi

Place: Santiago, Chile
Design studio: Bassi Design

Francesca Bassi is a designer who lived a good part of her life in Milan, one of the capitals of design and fashion. Her talent and passion were recognized right from the start: her designs conquered various cities around the world, from Chile, Patagonia, Spain and beyond.She founded her studio, Bassi Design, in 2008, focusing on projects ranging from residences to hotels and shops. She discovered Giardini Wallcoverings many years ago, and she finally got the chance to use our wallcoverings for her design projects.

Francesca Bassi chose different wallcoverings: for the Dining space she chose Animalier, knowing that it would complement the colors of the painting and give character to the entire room. For the bedroom she chose Gioia Grande. In the Living room that frames the fireplace, she chose Horizon, in its blue-tinted version. It’s a jacquard base in mixed Linen, where delicate waves intertwine and create a dreamy landscape.