Wallcoverings Question

 Yes – most of Giardini’s wallcoverings (with a few exceptions) are fire retardant. Certificates are available for Europe (class B-s1-d0) and the US (class A).

 Yes – most of the textile wallcoverings from Giardini have a and soil repellent treatment applied to the surface. Liquids will not permeate the surface unless left on the product for an extended period of time.

 Textile wallcoverings are not washable and they are more delicate than most other wallpapers. While resistant to water and soiling, once damaged or badly stained they cannot always be cleaned. We recommend the use of a damp sponge or a dry microfiber cloth with a brush, but please check with Giardini regarding the specific product and the problem.

Yes. On most of Giardini Wallcoverings products seams will be visible. More or less depending on the product type, pattern, thickness and color. This may be emphasized or settled by the type of setting where the wallcovering is installed. The type of installation, the other furnitures and the lighting in that room. Giardini Wallcoverings do have some products made on specific background (typically not woven but printed warps) with little or invisible seams (product session SEAMLESS). However we discourage clients which are sensitive to seams to use textile wallcoverings in general.

 As Giardini is generally sold by the yard, orders under 30 yards will almost always ship as a single roll (unless otherwise notified in advance). The maximum size of each roll is approximately 50 yards.

 Always employ a professional and experienced installer with knowledge of textile wallcoverings. An experienced vinyl wallpaper installer is not necessarily a valuable resource for installing textile wallcoverings. Many Giardini products have a smooth surface and a silky look, making our products particularly delicate to handle. Installation instructions for each product are downloadable on-line on our website.

 Yes – textile wallcoverings are frequently used in bathrooms and powder rooms, but they should not be in direct contact with water (avoid placing in locations where regular splash may occur).

 In general, the minimum order is 6 yards and orders must be in 1-yard increments. There are a few products in the Giardini line that are sold by the roll or the panel for which the minimum order is 1 roll or panel.

 Our wallcoverings are mostly in stock and can be cut and shipped within 48 hours of receipt of order. Importing lead time is generally 2-3 weeks (standard shipping), but at an additional expense, Giardini can also express ship (reducing transit time to 2-3 days). If there is not enough stock to fulfill your order, lead time for new stock is generally 3-4 weeks (note, this can vary a bit from product to product).

General Question

Giardini originated in 1872 as a family-owned business operating in different sectors. The wallcovering division was opened in 2002; Giardini Wallcoverings as a brand launched in 2009.

Giardini Wallcoverings is an editorial brand. We do have some equipment to handle the most critical steps in production of some of our products, but the large majority of our manufacturing is outsourced.

Giardini is an Italian company through and through. Most of our wallcoverings are made in Italy, with most produced locally in Milan, in factories which regularly produce for the Italian fashion industry.

Giardini’s current collection is comprised of approximately 500 products in 50 patterns. The collection is always increasing, but it is also edited and revised with every launch.
The collection of display boards and sampling supplied to our representatives comprises the current, edited and curated collection of Giardini wallcoverings for the current year. Additional historic patterns and/or colorways are often available and stocked, and can be viewed on-line. If you have interest in these patterns or colors outside of the current collection, please order them through our website or by contacting service@giardiniwall.com or look up at the full product list.

Giardini launches new product twice per year: once in January/February after a preview in November/December of the previous year, and again June/July following a March/April preview.

 Giardini’s inventory is flexible and we rarely discontinue product. However, from time to time we may decide to remove a pattern or specific colors from the stocked range. Those products with less turnover may be available on a made-to-order basis (meaning there will be no inventory and a production lead time will be involved). The most infrequent sellers will be discontinued.

Giardini releases a selection of product in a curated collection of colorways in advance of the official collection. This edited “sneak peek” is provided in the form of ring sets distributed to our VIP clients.

Every year Giardini Wallcoverings selects a certain number of clients to include in the VIP program. The VIP program includes limited commercial promotions, the chance to get and order new products in advance (trough previews) before launching, and dedicated gifts. The selection of the customers is to indiscretion of the company and the criteria are reserved.
Anyone (trade clients only) can request by submitting an application check this link.

All claims must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. See the “complaints” session from our general sales terms HERE.