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Place: Kips Bay, New York
Design studio: OBMI

OBMI designed “Golden Hour” as a studio, a converted bedroom crafted for one to rest and enjoy time slowly. The space was envisioned by weaving memories and collections gathered from one’s travels around the globe. Our imagined client embodies the quintessence of a worldly wanderer, curating meaningful keepsakes and handcrafted, objects from each location visited. Upon entering Golden Hour, individuals will find a sanctuary of repose and introspection that invites you to detach from the rapidness of the external world and allow for a profound reconnection with the inner self. While surrounded by the shimmering surfaces that play in the natural sunlight, one can listen to music, explore the earthy artistry of pottery, and revel at brilliant artworks, they can come to new vibrant inspirations or be taken back to evocative memories. Golden Hour can transport your spirit to distant places without leaving the comfort of the room.

With the design of Golden Hour, OBMI carefully selected every accessory, finish, furniture, fabric, and artwork to be paired alongside a mix of soulful jazz music and a fragrance mingling the sensuality of soft, blush suede to play on all the scenes. The rich, natural materials, organic shapes, and natural tones bring a sense of tranquility, while the bronze sculptures and gold finishes deliver a timeless, sophisticated atmosphere fitting the home’s setting.

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