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Composition: 73% LI 27% PL

Width: 120 cm – 47,24″

Repeat: 0 cm – 0″

Fire retardant | Stain repellent

When the present is unclear and you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, let your eyes and your mind travel to distant horizons where everything is still possible and ready to be disclosed. The balanced horizontal lines of Eclectic will guide you to harmony and quietude and they have a strong aesthetic value often used in architecture.

Eclectic will bring you both: beauty and serenity. It’s a panoramic pattern digital printed on a European linen fil posé with a hint of sheen from some polyester. The juxtaposition of the four panels leave no visible seams. It is possible to customize the color or adjust the pattern for large projects. It is fire retardant and suitable for hospitality.