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Sueded Astrakan
Sueded Astrakan

Composition: 100%PL

Width: 138 cm – 54.33”

Repeat: 0 cm – 0″

Fire retardant | Stain repellent

Very early in fashion history astrakan leather has been used for lavish tailored suits and overcoats in both men’s and women’s outfits. This particular naturally crackled pattern has been a distinctive detail since the early days of haute couture. This new wallcovering interpretation enhances the original leather product and brings this famous pattern into the greater surface of an interior design, but with a soft and refined style.

Embossed over a thin pile suede wallcovering, Sueded Astrakan is smooth with a saddle sheen. The unevenness of the suede has an overall soft look which creates movement and reflections thanks to the embossing and preserves a great balance and homogeneity at the same time. Although the pile is pliable, the surface is resilient, and overall a great performing microfiber. It’s stain repellent and fire retardant, which makes it suitable also for specific applications within hospitality interiors.