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I Like Linen – ILI001

I Like Linen – ILI001

per mt/yd

Textile jacquard wallcovering made with italian and european fine yarns.

Immerse yourself in the tactile beauty of our textured wallcoverings, each piece meticulously designed to add depth and character to your surroundings, echoing the artisanal traditions of Italy.

Composition: 100% PL

Width: 138 cm – 54.33″

Repeat: 0 cm – 0″

Fire retardant | Stain repellent

N. of mt/yd:



Linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world. Fragments of straw, seeds, fibers, yarns, and various types of fabrics dating to about 8000 BC have been found in Swiss lake dwellings. Used as form of currency in Egypt, linen has always been a symbol of light and purity and has been used as a display of wealth. In the last centuries has been widely used in fashion and interiors and it’s associated to the very unique fresh feeling it gives at the contact with human skin. But… this new textile wallcovering has nothing to do with that.

Although linen is a great fiber, it also has some natural characteristics which are not always adequate for all applications. Linen has a moderate unevenness, hard to control and to manage during the weaving production if not properly blended. An on a large-scale flat surface (such as a large wall) its imperfections might present some unpleasant unexpected effects.

I LIKE LINEN is instead a textile wallcovering made using a soft touch yarn-dyed polyester. Both warp and weft yarns, are dyed in multiple colors, to obtain a nice linen look with a great balance of color and an absolute uniformity as well as invisible seams, for a guaranteed perfect aesthetic result. I LIKE LINEN is designed to match expectations, and to be used in any surface in any interior application. The surface has a coating which protects from soil and oil, and it is fire retardant.



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