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Patchwork Silk – PSK001

Patchwork Silk – PSK001

per mt/yd

Made by hands by skilled artisans on textile wallcovering grounds.

Step into a world of artisanal excellence with our Handmade Wallcoverings. Crafted on textile ground using a range of incredible techniques, each piece is a testament to the mastery of Italian craftsmanship. Elevate your space with unparalleled beauty, where tradition meets innovation, and walls become canvases of timeless artistry.

Composition: 100% SE

Width: 91,50 cm – 36.02”

Repeat: 17 cm – 6.6″

Fire retardant | Stain repellent

N. of mt/yd:


The silk road has never ceased to fascinate. It’s wide usage has inspired people and communities for ages. This incredible interpretation is made possible with a precise human intervention. Experienced craftsmen work on this shaped silk cuts which are applied piece by piece, following a geometric timeless pattern. So many feelings linked to this speciality product where you might find history and modernity at the same time. The overall look is outstanding for plenty of setting options.