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Composition: 60% LI 30% VI 10% PL

Width: 138 cm – 54.33″

Repeat: 7,5 cm – 2,9″

Fire retardant | Stain repellent

The intoxicating atmosphere of the Art Deco period has left its stamp on our times and symbols in every culture and context. Originating in France, the Art Deco style soon became a major influence across the world, particularly in the United States at the height of its development, and defined an era of unprecedented luxury and exuberance.

Fine quality materials, geometric patterns, and bold colours. With vibrant enthusiasm and perhaps even a faint hint of melancholy, this design evokes those atmospheres. Made with linen yarn and metallic fibre, the jacquard fabric is woven with a distinctively Art Deco geometric design and elegantly conjures up this age of vibrant enthusiasm.