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Ekaterina Rezepina

PROJECTS Ekaterina Rezepina Place: MilanDesign studio: Ekaterina Rezepina There’s no better feeling than coming back home. Feeling welcome in our own little heaven is what makes the beauty of a dream come true. A curated combination of vintage elements and…

Kelly Hohla

PROJECTS Kelly Hohla Place: San FranciscoDesign studio: Kelly HohlaCredits photos: Aaron Leitz We selected this wallpaper as it was a perfect marriage of the colors used throughout the house. Black, white & various blues. It feels luxe, and has a…

Rachel Usher​

PROJECTS Rachel Usher Place: MilanDesign studio: Rachel Usher Interior Design StudioCredits photos: Two Bears Studio To help draw the eye upwards and appreciate the beautiful high ceilings we selected Giardini Wallcoverings Galon, a matt linen wallpaper wich has a satin…

Devon Lane

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